TNT Series Three-Box Temperature Shock Test Chamber


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TNT series three-box temperature shock test chamber
Main application: temperature stress screening, temperature shock test, reliability test, performance test of microelectronic devices, small components and small parts
1. Excellent performance: meet the strict standards and specifications, and the main indicators are better than the national (military) standard requirements
2. Energy saving and consumption reduction: Leading low-temperature refrigeration technology, low-temperature efficiency is greatly improved
3. Silent operation: the system is simple and reliable, and the unique noise reduction technology strictly controls the operating noise
4. Intelligent operation: no professional training required, simple operation, intelligent operation
5. One machine with multiple functions: it can meet the requirements of temperature shock, high temperature test and low temperature test at the same time
6. Rich interfaces: provide multiple data interfaces and various drivers to meet the needs of secondary development 7. Temperature range: -70~200℃
8. High temperature exposure (+160°C) 30Min, low temperature exposure (A type -55°C/B type -75°C;) 30Min 9. Cooling: A type drops from +25 to -60°C for less than 60Min, B type from +25 Lowered to -70°C for less than 60Min;
10. Heating: Room temperature rises to +200C and less than <40Min. 11. Nominal volume (L): 60\80\150\210


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